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UPDATE: The winners of Quarter Castle Publishing’s first Short Story Contest will be announced March 15, 2015. Stay tuned.

NOW AVAILABLE: Fowl Summer Nights by Diane Lynn McGyver.

Front test

Quarter Castle Publishing’s First Short Story Contest: Do you have a short story looking for a home? Do you have a burning desire to see your work in print? Then step over the drawbridge and lend me your ear. Quarter Castle Publishing is on a quest for great tales in their first short story writing contest. Learn more about it on the Short Story Contest Page.

A NEW FONT: Read about books in the new, innovative font OpenDyslexic here at Introducing OpenDyslexic Font.

NOW AVAILABLE: Gardening for Her Life by Liana Olive Quinn. A short story about how one woman finds peace in the gardens of her community. To learn more about Liana, visit her author page. Get a glimpse into the short story by visiting Gardening for Her Life.


NOW AVAILABLE: City of Light and Shadow by Sheila McDougall. A story about love, jazz, family secrets and how they survive in the city of light and shadow…Paris. To learn more about Sheila, visit her author page. Get a glimpse into the novel by visiting City of Light and Shadow.

McDougall-City of Light and Shadow

NOW AVAILABLE: Nova Scotia – Life Near Water by Diane Lynn McGyver. A collection of six short stories about life and death set in the small eastern province of Nova Scotia. Learn more about Diane on her author page. Get a glimpse into the anthology by visiting Nova Scotia – Life Near Water.


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