Part Four: Interview with Sheila McDougall

Recently Quarter Castle Publishing sat down with Sheila McDougall and talked with her about her upcoming release City of Light and Shadow. Below is the second to last interview questions.McDougall, Sheila - City of Light and Shadow FRONT

QCP: Did you learn anything new or interesting from writing City of Light and Shadow? What was it?

Sheila McDougall: Too many new and interesting things to list! What truly astonished me was the amount of research detail available online today. I even found descriptions and photos of the Seine, even the trees along the riverbank near the Louvre, which I was later able to confirm as I cruised past the site via the Bateau Mouche. Not many years ago, this same research would have meant many, many trips to the library.

QCP: In your book there are several passages written in French. Do you think this will be confusing for readers? Why not?

Sheila McDougall: Nearly all of the French is at junior high level or lower, but I also tried to make the meaning clear via context. I hope I’ve succeeded. There’s no aspect of the plot that’s lost due to the use of French, and I feel it lends authenticity to the atmosphere and setting.

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…more about City of Light and Shadow with Sheila McDougall next week. Look for the contemporary thriller in softcover (in both standard and OpenDyslexic font) and eBook in October 2013.

If you’ve missed the earlier interview posts you can read them here: Part I, Part II and Part III.


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