Cover Reveal: “Natural Selection”

Diane McGyver’s first dystopian novel is set for release this month. Natural Selection takes place in 2051 in North America after the Devastation sets the world back two hundred years. It’s about starting over again but not from the beginning. Those who survived remember the old ways, and many want to reinvent that which was lost.

The cover for Natural Selection reveals many hints of the story within. It’s about a young girl peering into an unknown world. It’s about seeds. It’s about a crafty owl. It’s about the darkness that dwells in the heart of mankind, and those who hold the light to bring hope to the world.


The year is 2051. Almost three decades have passed since the Devastation destroyed civilization. Only the strong and wise survived; the weak and intellects perished. New societies emerged, forging a future with skills from the distant past.

In Green Wood, Eloise has lived in seclusion with her uncle for 12 years. While they receive visitors to Larkspur Cottage, the number of friends they have can be counted on one hand. When strangers arrive and capture her uncle, she is forced to run, but who can she turn to when she doesn’t know the land outside Green Wood or where those friends live?


4 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: “Natural Selection”

  1. Dear Dyan, It sounds a bit spooky but a great BACK TO THE FUTURE BOOK.  Is it for any particular age group.?  It should make a good movie.  Congrats!Belle Maynard Curd, Author of FINDING MY FAMILY as seen on Google and Amazon courtesy Knowledge  My newest sequal is DOROTHY’S STORY, NEVER GIVE UP, which is due any time now.  I am working on THE PANDEMIC AND ME right now and it is spoken for so I’m under pressure.  If you have anything to say about your experiences during this past year I would gladly add it to the piece and add your name as a contributor.


  2. Sounds like Stephen King’s “The Girl Who Loved Tom Gorden” It hooked me to Stephen King’s stories.

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