Liana Olive Quinn

Hat03Liana Olive Quinn lives in Nova Scotia, but she’s flung her fedora in many interesting locales over the decades. She’s delved into twisted and forbidden caves where hordes of bats watched her pass. She’s strolled ancient tunnels carved into a harbour bank centuries beforehand to hide the questionable of minds. She’s walked the dark streets of a mysterious village, wondering all the while if someone or something would pounce from the shadows. And then there are the cemeteries: beautiful by day, haunting by night.

Liana enjoys sharing her passion for the dark, the mysterious, the unimaginable through short stories. She is the author of Gardening for Her Life.

Her short story “Neighbours” appears in the Halifax Explosion anthology The Coldest December.

For more information visit Liana Olive Quinn’s website.

Gardening for Life Cover - Smashwords LG

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