Book Publishing Services

Quarter Castle Publishing has opened up the option of joint publishing. It’s a model that has become extremely popular the past ten years.


Publishing companies receive more submissions than they will ever be able to publish. According to this article on, “Calculating the Odds of Getting A Traditional Publisher”, more than 90% of manuscripts pitched to publishers are rejected. That means you have less than a 10% chance of getting your book accepted.

If you are determined to get your book published, where does this leave you?

While many will give up, some take matters into their own hands and do it themselves. However, publishing a book isn’t the same as writing one. There’s a lot of technical stuff involved.

That’s where Quarter Castle Publishing comes in. We know how to take a raw manuscript and make it into a book that can be shared with family, friends and the world.

What can we do for you?

We offer two packages tailored to your needs. Regardless of the package, the author retains copyright to their work and receives 100% of the royalties.

Package One – Basic: $1,400

This package includes the following

  • unique interior design tailored to the book and your personal style
  • book cover, both eBook and paperback
  • a personal publishing coach who helps you become a self-published author, so you can publish your next book without our help.
  • tips on how to market your book
  • marketing material to get your book noticed (book backgrounder, book markers, etc.)
  • Paperback proof to ensure quality before publication
  • ten (10) paperback copies of your book

Package Two – Intermediate: $2,500*

This package includes everything in Package One, plus

  • back cover description editing
  • front and back material editing
  • publishing under the Quarter Castle Publishing name
  • promotion of your book on our website
  • promotion of your book on our social media
  • Paperbacks sent to a minimum of 5 reviewers to generate interest

*We reserve the right to refuse books that are not up to our standards or do not fit well with our publishing mission.


The price of editing has been removed from the packaging prices. It was set for the average novel, which is around 100,000 words. This was unfair to writers who had books that fell well below that count and benefitted those whose books were much higher in word count.

Instead, we offer editing services in the Individual Services section noted below.

Individual Services

Not looking for a package? We offer individual services, too, including editing, interior design and book covers. Learn more here: Services.


Are we looking for your book? QCP is open for submissions, and if your book fits the criterial, submit it. Learn more here: General Submissions.


To learn more about these services or if you have any questions regarding them, contact us at