Dancing in the Shine

by Diane Lynn McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing

Genre: Fiction-Short Story-Contemporary-Thriller

Published: June 14, 2012

ISBN (eBook; approximately 6,000 words): 978-0-9880624-0-5

Available at Smashwords, iTunes and Barnes & Nobles

Review for Dancing in the Shine.


Hurricane Juan swept away Joan Halley’s parents, leaving her devastated and in charge of their affairs. The man who promised to keep her safe has become her worst nightmare.

Escape or Surrender? Joan’s life has taken a turn for the worst, and now she is forced to make a choice. Can the information she discovered at the public archives help her? Only if she finds the courage to use it.


The house lay silent again. It must have been the wind moving a door. After several long moments, Joan’s pulse slowed. She ran her finger over the top of the hair dye box to remove the dust. One day, she told herself again, she’d wait until Frank left for work, then she’d turn her golden hair to auburn. She’d don the hippy clothing and sandals and wrap a bandana around her head. She’d cover herself with the long shawl to conceal her disguise until she made it safely through the backyard to the vacant lot filled with trees.

The bus route on the adjacent street differed from the one Joan usually travelled. She hoped the driver wouldn’t recognise her and that the sun was shining, so she could wear sunglasses. She’d go straight to the Acadian Lines station and buy her ticket to freedom. She’d be reborn as Magdalina Angeline Halley.

A foot hit the top basement step. Joan swallowed hard. She fumbled for the flashlight switch, pressing it in, then slowly releasing it to soften the click. The darkness consumed her as the person descended the stairs.

Joan’s eyes adjusted to the dimness, and she found the small peek hole. A light beam shot through, striking her in the chest. She crept forward and peered through, waiting to see who had entered her home.

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