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They Came from Downeast

Sample 01aA collection of biographies about men from small communities along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia from Ecum Secum to Goldenville who participated in the Great War.

Author: Diane Tibert


Genre: Non-fiction-history-local-veterans

Paperback; approximately ? pages

6 inches x 9 inches

Roots_to_the_Past_Diane_Tibert_01Roots to the Past – Volume 01

The original genealogy columns from Roots to the Past’s fourteen months in publication. Written by long-time genealogist Diane Tibert.


Genre: Non-fiction-genealogy-Atlantic Canada

Paperback; approximately ? pages

7 inches x 10 inches

Black Kettle Creek 01First Light of Death

Black Kettle Creek Western #01

Author: Lawren Snodgrass


Genre: Fiction-Western

Paperback; approximately 150 pages

8.5 x 5.5 inches

Revelation Stones

The Castle Keepers Book #03

Author: Diane Lynn McGyver


Genre: Fiction-Fantasy-Traditional-Epic

Paperback;  approximately 400 pages

8.5 x 5.5 inches

CoverTempButtonandToesButton and Toes

Author: Candy McMudd

Picture Book

Genre: Fiction-Children

Available in paperback


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