At Quarter Castle Publishing, we understand presentation is everything. People do judge a book by its cover and its interior design. Long after the book is bought or given as a gift, the presentation of the product (your story, your words) is what matters when they look upon it. Obviously, the story itself is the most vital component of a book, but a beautiful presentation of that story will enhance the reading experience.

A book is a work of art.

Book Covers

At Quarter Castle Publishing, we work with the author to design a pleasing cover that will fit their genre and appeal to the reader. After all, this is the first impression of a book; let’s make it an amazing one.

We design front covers for eBooks or full wrap-around covers for paperbacks and hard cover books.

Price: starting at $150

Interior Design

The layout of the text can turn readers off or encourage them to read with ease.  At Quarter Castle Publishing, we strive to increase the joy of reading by designing the interior to be easy on the eye and enjoyable for the mind.

We format interiors for both eBooks, paperbacks and hard covers.

Price: Starting at $100


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Cover Samples

Interior Samples