Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove

Candy McMudd

Adventure begins where the land ends…

Prim, Ellis, Henry and Shona stumble onto the biggest mystery in Cranberry Cove. Together, they must face their fears to save their beloved island and find their missing uncle.

But the ghost in Prim’s dream threatens to become real, and a mysterious neighbour turns up when they least expect him. Is he there to help? Or is the creepy man behind their uncle’s disappearance and the mystery light haunting Cranberry Cove?

Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove was inspired by the many adventures author Candy McMudd enjoyed while growing up along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

If you love downhome mysteries, stumbling onto family history and adventure on the water, you’ll love Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove. The novel is suitable for children ages 10 and up, including those well into their senior years. Take a step back in time to the 1990s, when things were simpler and adventure was around every corner if you went looking.


Genre: Fiction-Youth-Contemporary-Mystery

Youth Novel (age 10 and up)

Published: December 14, 2010

Available Formats

Paperback (ISBN: 978-0-9868089-0-6; 132 pages; standard print, 6 x 9 inches) is available at

Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-927625-79-8; 216 of pages, large print, 6 x 9 inches) is available at

Hard Cover (ISBN: 978-0-9868089-1-3; 132 pages; standard print, 6 x 9 inches) is available at

eBook (ISBN: 978-0-9868089-2-0; 32,082 words) is available at

Author: Candy McMudd

Candy McMudd is the author of two children’s novels, including Throw Away Kitten and Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove. She has been telling stories since she tamed a wild dog names Sam and raced through the forest searching for wild kittens.

Not content to sit, she spent her childhood beachcombing, exploring the forest and climbing forbidden trees.

She lives in Nova Scotia, where she writes daily. Her favourite childhood bool was M is for Mystery by Richard Parker.


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