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Bridget Canning

Bridget Canning of St. John’s, NL, is the author of Indonesian Rice, the story that came in third in Quarter Castle Publishing’s first short story writing contest.

Recently Quarter Castle Publishing interviewed Bridget.

Interview Questions

QCP: When did you decide to become a writer?

I think I was in grade two. My mother was a librarian and read to my siblings and me daily when we were kids.  So at an early age, I had a long list of favourite books. And my father was a great storyteller. I feel like I was always absorbing a story or trying to tell one. READ MORE

Castle News

100 Copies of Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016

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Quarter Castle Publishing Services

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“Natural Selection” – a young adult novel

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Cover Reveal: “Natural Selection”

Diane McGyver’s first dystopian novel is set for release this month. Natural Selection takes place in 2051 in North America after the Devastation sets the world back two hundred years. READ MORE

“Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892-1893”

Melanie Ballard and John N. Grant released their book Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892-1893 earlier this spring. Copies are available through John N. Grant . . . READ MORE

Fantastic Review’s for McGyver’s “Northern Survival”

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“Natural Selection” Nearing Launch

Diane McGyver has penned her first dystopian novel and it’s set for release October 2021. Natural Selection starts innocently enough . . . READ MORE

Sneak Peak at Upcoming Book about Mary Kaulbach at Normal School

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Print Local – Buy Local – Support Local

Last year was extremely difficult for small businesses. Many were forced by government orders to shut their doors temporarily, and this caused many to shut them permanently. Those . . . READ MORE



“Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892-1893”

Melanie Ballard and John N. Grant released Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892 – 1893 in the spring of 2021. READ MORE


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