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Sandy Totten

A few days ago, The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten was launched. During all the final reads, tweaking of covers and final design changes, I had a chance to talk with Sandy about her book. Like every new author holding their first book in their hands, she was overjoyed. READ MORE

Diane McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing sat down with author Diane McGyver and asked her about her latest novel, Natural Selection. Here is what she had to say.

QCP: When did you decide to become a writer?

I knew I wanted to a writer in my mid-teens. That’s when I started writing a lot. By the time I was 17, I had written my first novel. However, I didn’t start writing professionally until I became a mom in 1997. READ MORE

John N. Grant

Recently, Diana Tibert of Quarter Castle Publishing interviewed historian John N. Grant about his book, Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016 – A Case Study of Public Education in Rural Nova Scotia.

Interview Questions

Tibert: In a few sentences, tell us a little about Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016. Give us a glimpse into the material covered.

GrantSchooling in Guysborough County, 1735-2016 provides an overview of the efforts made by generations of parents to provide for the education of their children. The first Guysborough County school of which I found a record was in in Canso in 1735 and as the population grew and changed, so did the schools. At one time there were about 100 schools in the county. Today there are three. This book tells the story of what happened in-between. READ MORE

Bridget Canning

Bridget Canning of St. John’s, NL, is the author of Indonesian Rice, the story that came in third in Quarter Castle Publishing’s first short story writing contest.

Recently Quarter Castle Publishing interviewed Bridget.

Interview Questions

QCP: When did you decide to become a writer?

I think I was in grade two. My mother was a librarian and read to my siblings and me daily when we were kids.  So at an early age, I had a long list of favourite books. And my father was a great storyteller. I feel like I was always absorbing a story or trying to tell one. READ MORE


Reviews of books found on other sites.

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Castle News

Missing Information Regarding Vitamin D in “Fluid of Life”

A major problem we have in life is the inability to ask questions we don’t know to ask. I discuss this in my recent book, Fluid of Life – What doctors never told me about my blood. As if to prove this point, a week after… READ MORE

Book Launch: “Fluid of Life”

Today is launch day! Fluid of Life – What doctors never told me about my blood by Diana Tibert is now available. If you’ve ever felt tired for no reason and are otherwise healthy, this book may unlock they mystery behind your… READ MORE 

The Name that Can Soothe the Soul

The most famous name in the world is so obvious, so simple, that it is easily dismissed. As with everything in life, the more common, the least noticed. The most famous name has been translated into every… READ MORE 

Printable Formatted Sheets to Make Your Own Genealogy Workbook

At Quarter Castle Publishing, we understand not everyone fits into the same mould. We want to do our thing, too, just like everyone does. Our Genealogy Workbook by Diana Tibert is a great fit for many family… READ MORE

Reviews for “The One We Forgot to Love”

Author Sandy Totten has received many reviews for her first novel, The One We Forgot to Love. She’d like to share a few that have been sent to her personally. Kerry: I sat down tonight and read your book cover to cover. SuchREAD MORE

Printable Formatted Sheet to Make Your Own Phenology Notebook

Phenology is the study of nature’s cycles and how they depend upon and respond to each other. Nature lives by seasons and its calendar doesn’t always correspond with society’s, and it differs from one region to… READ MORE

Meet Author Sandy Totten

A few days ago, The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten was launched. During all the final reads, tweaking of covers and final design changes, I had a chance to talk with Sandy about her book. Like every new author… READ MORE

Seeking Similar Adventure Stories for Children

Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove by Candy McMudd is a story for ages 10 and up. It’s about Prim, who is 12, her younger brother Henry, age 10, and their mother who arrive at their cottage in Cranberry Cove to spend… READ MORE

“Shadows in the Stone” Renewing Ourselves at Dawn

This morning as I watched the sun rise, sending its brilliant light upon the land, I thought about the opening scene of chapter 28 in Shadows in the Stone. It was a morning that had bathed Bronwyn Darrow in dawn’s… READ MORE

From the “Fluid of Life” by Diana Tibert

Fluid of Life – What doctors never told me about my blood tells the story of Diana Tibert’s experience of living with anemia. Here’s a clip from the first chapter. My First Blood Test. I was a healthy child and teen, so… READ MORE

Setting the Scene in “Shadows in the Stone”

When readers stumble upon an author they’ve never read, they often read a few pages of the story to determine if they enjoy the writing style. This can easily be done by checking out the available sample of a book… READ MORE

NEW COVER: “Shadows in the Stone”

This week, Quarter Castle Publish has released the updated cover for Shadows in the Stone, the first book in the epic fantasy series Castle Keepers by Diane McGyver. The novel is available in paperback and eBook. READ MORE

“Passing It On before Passing Away” by H. L. Foster

Quarter Castle Publishing has helped many writers see their dream of publishing a book come true. One of those writers is H. L. Foster, who wrote Passing It On before Passing On. The New Brunswick-born writer, who… READ MORE

Writer’s Wisdom: Connect to the genius in the wall.

Author Elizabeth Gilbert has excellent advice for writers who are looking for success and those who have already found it. Her book, Eat, Pray, Love, was a great success, and that left many… READ MORE

“A December Knight” is Available to Warm Your Winter Nights

“The amount of snow was dreadful, but the romance was hot.” That’s what one beta reader said about this steamy holiday romance that takes place on the East Coast of Canada. A December Knight is… READ MORE

School History Books Make Great Christmas Gifts

Do you have someone on your Christmas list who enjoys history books? Someone who loves reading about the schools in Nova Scotia? Historian John N. Grant has copies… READ MORE

New Release: “A December Knight” Coming Soon

Quarter Castle Publishing is proud to present A December Knight by Diane McGyver. This is our first Christmas novel and is part of our Romance Collection. READ MORE

The Halifax Explosion: 104 Years Ago

On December 6th, 104 years will have passed since that devastating day on a cool fall morning in Halifax Harbour when two ships collided, causing the largest man-made explosion up to that time. READ MORE

What are readers saying about “Natural Selection”

Over the summer, several people read an advanced copy of Natural Selection by Diane McGyver. Here is what a few said about the young adult dystopian novel. It was an unexpected tale… READ MORE

Author Interview: Diane McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing sat down with author Diane McGyver and asked her about her latest novel, Natural Selection. Here is what she had to say. QCP: When did you decide to become… READ MORE

Book Launch: “Natural Selection” by Diane McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing is proud to announce the release of Diane McGyver’s first dystopian novel Natural Selection.

The Details: The book is 111,000 words in length. READ MORE

Book Launch: “Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892 – 1893”

David, of Little White Schoolhouse Press, writes,

We are delighted to have our Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary book launch hosted by the library, the very building where Mary attended the... READ MORE

100 Copies of Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016

The boxes have arrived, so if you’ve been waiting to order Schooling in Guysborough County 1735-2016, now is the time. One hundred copies of the softcover copies are available for sale. READ MORE

Quarter Castle Publishing Services

Over the past 11 years, Quarter Castle Publishing has met many writers working towards publishing their first book. These future authors were at various stages from first draft to finalizing . . . READ MORE

“Natural Selection” – a young adult novel

“I hadn’t set out to write a novel young adults could read,” said author Diane McGyver when asked about Natural Selection. “Yet, after reading the first draft, I realised it . . . READ MORE

“Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892-1893”

Melanie Ballard and John N. Grant released their book Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892-1893 earlier this spring. Copies are available through John N. Grant . . . READ MORE

Fantastic Review’s for McGyver’s “Northern Survival”

Northern Survival by Diane McGyver has been well received by readers. There are dozens positive reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. Here are just a few. READ MORE

Last year was extremely difficult for small businesses. Many were forced by government orders to shut their doors temporarily, and this caused many to shut them permanently. Those . . . READ MORE



For almost 40 years, Diana has struggled with low iron. It wasn’t a problem when she was younger and before she had children but shortly after her second child was born, she felt drained. Doctors and blood tests found nothing wrong; she was only borderline anemic. This is her story. READ MORE


Addie finds the fairy tale life she’s dreamed about: loving husband, two amazing children, satisfying career. She has what every woman wants, yet something isn’t right. READ MORE


If you love stories of adventure mixed with magic and romance set in archaic landscapes, you’ll love McGyver’s Shadows in the Stone. Unlike many fantasy novels, family plays a central part in this story, so be prepared for the hero to receive unwanted motherly advice. READ MORE


The year is 2051. Almost three decades have passed since the Devastation destroyed civilization. Only the strong and wise survived; the weak and intellects perished. New societies emerged, forging a future with skills from the distant past. READ MORE


The Coldest December

On December 6, 2017, Nova Scotia will commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. More than two thousand people were killed and another nine thousand were injured from the largest man-made explosion of its time.

To pay tribute to the many victims, survivors and heroes who emerged from the disaster, Quarter Castle Publishing has gathered a collection of fictional short stories connected to the Explosion. Stories are set immediately before it, during it or in its aftermath. READ MORE


The history of schooling reflects the impact of economic, political, military and other social forces on the local community. The history of schooling in Guysborough  County covers almost 300 years. In 1735, there was one school in the County; in 1959, there were almost one hundred; in 2018, there were three. This is the story of what happened in between. READ MORE


Melanie Ballard and John N. Grant released Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892 – 1893 in the spring of 2021. READ MORE


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