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The Halifax Explosion Remembered

by Nova Scotia Authors

The Coldest December – a Short Story Collection to Remember the Halifax Explosion

On December 6, 2017, Nova Scotia will commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. More than two thousand people were killed and another nine thousand were injured from the largest man-made explosion of its time.

To pay tribute to the many victims, survivors and heroes who emerged from the disaster, Quarter Castle Publishing has gathered a collection of fictional short stories connected to the Explosion. Stories are set immediately before it, during it or in its aftermath.

Book 3 in The Castle Keepers Series

Revelation Stones by Diane Lynn McGyver.

Some must get lost to find themselves.

After five years in prison, Isla of Maura is rescued when mercenaries break in to the dungeon. Burdened with guilt, she flirts with death while she learns to trust her newfound companions. When she’s caught in a feud between two ancient dwarf families, she must sort truths from lies, friends from enemies. If she fails, she may kill the wrong person.

If you love stories of adventure mixed with magic and romance set in archaic landscapes, you’ll love McGyver’s Revelation Stones. Unlike many fantasy novels, family plays a central part in this story, so be prepared for the hero to have her heart strings plucked by the song of home.

Revelation Stones is the 3rd book in the Castle Keepers epic fantasy series. It continues to share the tales of the characters introduced in Shadows in the Stone and takes readers on a journey across Ath-o’Lea as Isla, now a young woman, struggles to find herself and make peace with the past.

According to “I Write Like”, Diane Lynn McGyver writes like J. R. R. Tolkien.

McMudd Does it Again!

The perfect gift for the child who loves to read

Throw Away Kitten by Candy McMudd

This lovely tale will entertain youth between the ages of six and twelve. It also makes the perfect novel to read to children who are just learning how to read.

The font used in this children’s novel was chosen to help children who are learning to read avoid the confusing A and G letters. You can read about that here: Throw Away Kitten Font.

A Collection of Stories by Canadian Authors

Now Available: Quarter Castle Chronicles – Volume One

Quarter Castle Chronicles Volume One showcases the winning entries to Quarter Castle Publishing’s first short story writing contest. It also shares ten other entries in the contest worthy of being published.


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