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Quarter Castle Publishing is located in beautiful Nova Scotia.

We’ve been publishing books since October 2010. Our goal is to publish four titles in 2021 and to expand our genres to reach new readers. Will your book be one of them?

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Northern Survival

by Diane McGyver

Surviving the plane crash was the easy part.

Northern Survival

Olive Tweed planned her trip for two years. She’d vacation at Summer Beaver, gather the research material needed to write the next book and spend a few days hiking the vast wilderness. When she is called home unexpectedly and boards a chartered plane, she never dreamt it would crash, leaving her alone with a man who knew nothing about survival or the woods. If they don’t put aside their differences and work together, they’ll never escape alive. READ MORE

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“Dialogue is important to me and I enjoyed the back and forth – there was tension, humour and on a couple occasions my eyes welled up and I had that burning lump in my throat!” ~ Barbara

Survival / Adventure / Romance / Action

The Coldest December

by Nova Scotia Authors

The Halifax Explosion Remembered

A Short Story Collection to Remember the Halifax Explosion

On December 6, 2017, Nova Scotia will commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. More than two thousand people were killed and another nine thousand were injured from the largest man-made explosion of its time.

To pay tribute to the many victims, survivors and heroes who emerged from the disaster, Quarter Castle Publishing has gathered a collection of fictional short stories connected to the Explosion.

Stories are set immediately before it, during it or in its aftermath. READ MORE


“An excellent collection of short stories based on a terrible disaster.” ~ Darlene

McMudd Does it Again!

The perfect gift for the child who loves to read

Throw Away Kitten by Candy McMudd

This lovely tale will entertain youth between the ages of six and twelve. It also makes the perfect novel to read to children who are just learning how to read.

The font used in this children’s novel was chosen to help children who are learning to read avoid the confusing A and G letters.

You can read about that here: Throw Away Kitten Font.

Charlie McBean has dreamt of owning a kitten for ever, but he’s ten and still doesn’t have one. His family moves from the city to an old farm house where he discovers a box of kittens left in his neighbour’s yard.

When his neighbour says he’ll take the throw-away kittens to the shelter, Charlie and his sister Cavell volunteer to find homes for them. As potential owners arrive to see the kittens, Charlie worries his plan of keeping one for himself will fail. READ MORE

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