Throw Away Kitten

Throw Away Kitten Candy McMudd children bookby Candy McMudd

Castle Animal Series #01

Youth Novel (age 6 to 11)

Quarter Castle Publishing

Genre: Fiction-Youth-Contemporary-Animal

Published: October 3, 2015

ISBN (Paperback; 6 x 9 inches’ Standard; 100 pages): 978-1-927625-19-4

ISBN (e-Book format; 19,250 words): 978-1-927625-20-0

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Cover Photo Art by Sam Lynn Smith


Charlie McBean has dreamt of owning a kitten for ever, but he’s ten and still doesn’t have one. His family moves from the city to an old farm house where he discovers a box of kittens left in his neighbour’s yard.

When his neighbour says he’ll take the throw-away kittens to the shelter, Charlie and his sister Cavell volunteer to find homes for them. As potential owners arrive to see the kittens, Charlie worries his plan of keeping one for himself will fail.