Scattered Stones

The Castle Keepers: Book 2

by Diane Lynn McGyver

Quarter Castle Publishing

Genre: Fiction-Fantasy-Epic-Traditional

Release Date: May 6, 2016

ISBN (Paperback;  6×9 inches; approximately 378 pages): 978-0-9880624-9-8

ISBN (eBook; standard; approximately 152,510 words): 978-1-927625-00-2

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According to “I Write Like”, Diane Lynn McGyver writes like J. R. R. Tolkien.


Scattered Stones is an enchanting epic fantasy novel,

a mesmerizing, breathtaking treat for the imagination.

Honour is nothing without the ones you love. 

Five years. That’s how long Bronwyn Darrow has been searching for his daughter who is trapped in that elusive Blackvale Castle dungeon. He’s grown desperate during that time and when he learns she’s being transferred, he’s willing to sacrifice everything, including his honour, to rescue her.

If you love stories of adventure mixed with magic and romance set in archaic landscapes, you’ll love McGyver’s Scattered Stones. Unlike many fantasy novels, family plays a central part in this story, so be prepared for the hero to receive unwanted motherly advice.

Scattered Stones is the second book in the Castle Keepers epic fantasy series. It continues the adventures of the characters introduced in Shadows in the Stone and takes readers on a journey across Ath-o’Lea to find the young girl named Isla.

McGyver wields her pencil in a similar realm J. R. R. Tolkien and Terry Brooks released their imagination. It is traditional fantasy of old with magic, legends, dragons and dwarfs.