Northern Survival

Diane McGyver

Surviving the plane crash was the easy part.

Olive Tweed planned her trip for two years. She’d vacation at Summer Beaver, gather the research material needed to write the next book and spend a few days hiking the vast wilderness. When she is called home unexpectedly and boards a chartered plane, she never dreamt it would crash, leaving her alone with a man who knew nothing about survival or the woods. If they don’t put aside their differences and work together, they’ll never escape alive.

Northern Survival was inspired by a video created by a pilot who recorded the crash of his small plane in Northern Quebec. The only reason he survived was because the plane had a parachute.

If you love stories of adventure, survival challenges and characters who test each others ability to endure, you’ll love Northern Survival.


Genre: Fiction-Contemporary-Survival-Adventure-Action-Romance

Published: September 6, 2020

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Author: Diane McGyver

Diane McGyver is the author of several novels, including Shadows in the Stone, Scattered Stones, Revelation Stones, Healing Stones, Beyond the Myst, Northern Survival, and the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes. Her short story “The Whispers of Words” appears in the short story collection The Coldest December.

Her first dystopian novel, Natural Selection, will be released October 2021.

Learn more about this author by visiting her website: Diane McGyver.