Northern Survival

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If you love stories of adventure, survival challenges and characters who test each others ability to endure, you’ll love Northern Survival.


Genre: Fiction-Contemporary-Survival-Adventure-Action-Romance

Available Formats

Paperback (6×9 inches; 239 pages; ISBN 978-1-927625-44-6) available at

Hardcover (6×9 inches; 239 pages; ISBN 978-1-927625-49-1) available at

Hardcover with Dust Jacket (239 pages; ISBN ) available at

  • Lulu

Large Print Paperback (6×9 inches; 384 pages; ISBN 978-1-927625-56-9) available at

  • Lulu

eBook (approximately 63,395 words; ISBN 978-1-927625-45-3) Exclusively at Amazon. Available to Kindle Unlimited members.

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