Meet Author Sandy Totten

A few days ago, The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten was launched. During all the final reads, tweaking of covers and final design changes, I had a chance to talk with Sandy about her book. Like every new author holding their first book in their hands, she was overjoyed.

I asked her what had inspired her to write The One We Forgot to Love, and she said what I heard many writers say: “I have always wanted to write a novel.”

Saying that and doing it are two very different things. If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone proclaim, “I’m going to write a book,” I’d have oodles of cash.

However, Sandy did write the book.

Where did her story come from? She said, “I find my best writing comes from personal stories and emotions I have felt in my lifetime. The family in the story mirrors my family in some ways, and I wanted to share a story with others that lets people know they are never truly alone in their struggles.”

There are several messages in this story. One of those is, “You are never truly alone, despite how you may feel. There is always someone who cares for you and is willing to help you. There is no shame in needing help.”

I think many people need reminding of this especially when they are feeling down, depressed and like they have nowhere and no one to turn to.

All writers have their own hurdles when crafting a story, and Sandy is no different. She said, “The hardest part with writing this story was making sure I conveyed an accurate account of how each character was feeling and staying true to how life evolves.”

Delving into the story, I asked Sandy who the main character is and what she likes about her. She said, “Although it is Seri who struggles with mental illness, Adalynn is the main character. Adalynn runs her own garden shop but likes to consider herself a mother first. She loves her family but can’t seem to balance the love she has for everyone against the constant worry she is losing someone she loves.”

Sandy added, “What I like about Adalynn is her passion for her family and her capacity to forgive.”

I asked Sandy if she bumped into a stranger at the ice rink, how would she describe the story in a few sentences. She said, “I would describe the book as a story many can connect with. We all know someone who has struggled with mental illness and it’s not only tough for those who personally experience it, but for those who love them. The journey is felt by each character, and we see their perspective on the situation and realize that everyone is struggling in their own ways. It’s about a family who loves one another so deeply but get a bit lost in their own pain.”

The One We Forgot to Love is suitable for teenagers and adults. It’s available in eBook, paperback and hardcover at Amazon. It’s also available to Kindle Unlimited Members.

Grab your copy today.


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  1. Congratulations Sandy, Belle Maynard Curd, Authour of ” Finding My Family” as seen on Google courtesy of Knowledge Network and Amazon and other books to be released shortly.  

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