Boys Ride, Too

Written and Illustrated by Sam Lynn SmithSam Lynn Smith-Boys Ride, Too

Quarter Castle Publishing

Genre: Fiction-Children-Picture Book

Published: March 15, 2011

ISBN (Paperback; Standard; 24 pages): 978-0-9868089-3-7

7.44 x 9.96 inches

ISBN (eBook; approximately 2,010 words): 978-1-927625-12-5

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Horses aren’t just for girls…

Torey has been riding for four years. It’s not always easy. He loves the horses, but another student at the barn teases him. She says he doesn’t belong and, “This is an all-girls barn.”

Will Torey allow the teasing to keep him from riding? Or is there a way he can top the bully?

About this Book

This book originated as a school project on bullies and what students can do to help stop bullying in the classroom and in the school yard. Sam’s passion for writing and art made it into something worth sharing with more than just her classmates.

Sam’s message is clear: One way to stop bullying is to tell someone, a teacher, a parent or another adult. Sometimes that’s all it takes.


“I mean, what guy in their right mind would ride here? It’s totally an all-girl’s barn.”

Torey looked through the wired stall grates and down to Jodie`s stall just in time to see her smile and tuck a lock of hair under her riding hat.

“Whatever.” Torey hid his face under his helmet brim. He hung the bridle and saddle outside of Molly’s stall. Torey was used to Jodie being mean to him. She was the only one who thought it was wrong for him to ride a horse. “I’ve told you a million times that I don’t care what you think. I’ll keep riding, and that’s that.”

Torey stared at Jodie coldly as he stood outside Molly’s stall stroking her nose. He picked up his saddle and started towards the tack room when he heard a set of hooves from behind. Torey didn’t bother to turn around.

“You know that everyone thinks you’re a sissy. No one likes you. You’re like the girly horse freak I’ve always dreamed of teasing. You seriously do not belong here,” Jodie retorted. She led Bubby out to the pasture.

Torey watched her go, then continued into the tack room.