August Book Sale: “Shadows in the Stone”

For the entire month of August, the first book in the Castle Keepers series, Shadows in the Stone, will be 99 cents. It’s regular price is $4.99.

Here’s what a few reviewers on Amazon had to say about Shadows in the Stone by Diane McGyver.

It’s like an award-winning movie director telling the person behind the camera to lower or raise the picture in the viewfinder for a new angle. The fantasy world McGyver has created has the magical beings you might expect, but you’ll see them in new ways and see their story with fresh insights.

This may be fantasy but the characters are very real. Ms. McGyver has created characters you care about as they deal with their personal demons, suppressed feelings, secrets, magical powers and unrequited love.

This story took me to a different place and even yet some things have stayed with me. Diane Lynn McGyver created a whole new world, with characters the reader quickly cares about, and suspense, drama and mystery to keep the pages turning.

To start reading Shadows in the Stone today, download your copy from Amazon.