August Book Sale: “Shadows in the Stone”

For the entire month of August, the first book in the Castle Keepers series, Shadows in the Stone, will be 99 cents. It’s regular price is $4.99.

Here’s what a few reviewers on Amazon had to say about Shadows in the Stone by Diane McGyver.

It’s like an award-winning movie director telling the person behind the camera to lower or raise the picture in the viewfinder for a new angle. The fantasy world McGyver has created has the magical beings you might expect, but you’ll see them in new ways and see their story with fresh insights.

This may be fantasy but the characters are very real. Ms. McGyver has created characters you care about as they deal with their personal demons, suppressed feelings, secrets, magical powers and unrequited love.

This story took me to a different place and even yet some things have stayed with me. Diane Lynn McGyver created a whole new world, with characters the reader quickly cares about, and suspense, drama and mystery to keep the pages turning.

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COMING SOON: “House of Songs”

When Genge Toutant and his twin sister Ginger set off on a hike to Cape Split, they never dreamt only one of them would return. Little did they know, demons had set a trap to capture the life essence of unsuspecting victims.

House of Songs is a novella written by John D. Grant of Nova Scotia. It is scheduled for release near the end of October.

We are in the middle of designing a cover for House of Songs. Here are a few we’ve come up with. Which one grabs your attention? They are only mock-ups for now. So ignore any lines around the edges.

Top (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4

Middle (left to right) 5, 6, 7

Bottom (left to right): 8, 9, 10, 11

Historian John N. Grant appears in “The Laker”

Author and historian John N. Grant was interviewed for “The Laker”. Here is an excerpt.

EAST HANTS: Hidden on a side road straddling the Halifax and East Hants County line lives John N. Grant, an historian well-known and respected in his field, both in history and in genealogy.

The retired university professor has several books to his credit. Three of the most recent publications focus on school history and one provides details on ships patrolling Maritime waters during the First World War, ships that never existed according to the Canadian government.

One might say A History of Oldfield Consolidated School 1962-2017 hits close to home. In fact, it’s very near where Grant lives.

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Review: “The One We Forgot to Love”

A review for The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten has been published by the Miramichi Reader.

The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten, published by Quarter Castle Publishing, first got my attention with the storyline of mental illness as an “invisible opponent and the loved ones who share those struggles.” The story is that of a child with mental illness, as told through the first-person account of each of the four family members in a back-and-forth progression. Each chapter begins with the name of the family member and proceeds with the chapter being dedicated to the views and recounting of that character.

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eBook Sale: “Northern Survival”

Northern Survival by Diane McGyver will be on sale for the next week. Read it now for only $2.99.

“Best story I’ve read in awhile. Interesting..unusual..well written. Loved the way their relationship developed as they learned to respect and trust each other.” AMAZON REVIEW

“This was the kind of story that sounds real. I like those. I could see this happening.” AMAZON REVIEW

“The best adventure/romance I’ve read in many years. Best of all, no irrelevant padding of the word count.” AMAZON REVIEW

Pick up your copy today at AMAZON.

“A History of Oldfield Consolidated School 1962–2017” Excerpt

John Grant Oldham Consolidated School history

Here’s a little of what you’ll find in A History of Oldfield Consolidated School 1962-2017 by John N. Grant.

The Oakfield School District was named in honour of the estate and community established by Major (later Lieutenant-General) John Wimburn Laurie (1835-1912). Laurie arrived in Nova Scotia in 1861, and he married Francis Robie Collins at St. Paul’s Church in Halifax in 1863. Her father, Enos Collins (1774-1871), was an entrepreneurial businessman who accumulated one of the greatest fortunes in British North America, and her mother, Margaret Haliburton Collins, was a member of the provincial gentry, a descendent of both Sir Breton Haliburton, Chief Justice of Nova Scotia, and Charles Inglis, the first Lord Bishop of the province.3 Collins apparently hoped the young couple would settle near Windsor where he owned land, but they set their hearts on Grand Lake. In 1865, Laurie purchased 500 acres of land there and called the estate ‘Oakfield’. One of his descendants later recorded that it “was a shock to their many friends in society when Col. and Mrs. Laurie closed their house on Morris Street [Halifax] and moved 25 miles away to the house they were building in the woods on the shores of Grand Lake.”4 The closest settlement was Fletcher’s Bridge, which Laurie eventually renamed Wellington in honour of the great British war hero and political leader, Arthur Wellesley, (1769-1852), the Duke of Wellington.

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The title of McGyver’s next fantasy novel is…

Epic fantasy author Diane McGyver delivers a stand-alone fantasy novel that breaks all the rules in Dungeons and Dragons. From dancing between two worlds to delivering characters who don’t look like they should, she takes on the challenge of sending reluctant would-be heroes on the quest of their lives.

This is the perfect novel for traditional fantasy readers and for those who fell in love with the role-playing game in the 1980s. Grab your character sheet, roll those dices and let’s start the adventure.

It begins March 23, 2023.

The title of this epic adventure is Dragons in the Dungeon.

John N. Grant’s New eBook

Up until this week, A History of Oldfield Consolidated School 1962 – 2017 by John N. Grant had been available only from the author and only in paperback form. That has changed.

The booklet, which contains 50 pages of extensive research on the many schools that went into forming Oldfield Consolidated School, is now available as an eBook exclusively at Amazon.

This allows Kindle Unlimited members to access the book.

Download your copy today.

The eBook contains seven coloured images of the school. It also mentions staff, teachers, students and those involved in the consolidation process.

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Coming October 25th

We’ve signed a new author. His name is John D. Grant, not to be confused with non-fiction author John N. Grant. John D. Grant writes fantasy. We’ve accepted his novella. We’ll share more about the story soon.

Release Date: October 25, 2022

Romance Collection

Are you looking for a great story laced with romance? Look no further than our Romance Collection.

Looking for more adventure than romance? Read Northern Survival.

Looking for a story about a woman coming to the crossroads in her life with a touch of romance? Read The Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes.

Looking for a future thrust into archaic times laced with innocent first love? Read Natural Selection.

Looking for a hot and heavy, drop your clothes at the bedroom door romance? Read A December Knight.

Have you written a similar romance? Is it ready for the world to read? Submit it. It might the next book added to our Romance Collection.

To learn how to submit, check out General Submissions.

We Design Books for Self-published Authors

Not everyone wants their book published traditionally. While there are many benefits to having a book published the traditional way by a publishing house with everything taken care of for the author, there are drawbacks.

What are those drawbacks? The author doesn’t decide on the cover design. They might not even get the title they want. The publisher may suggest or demand changes to the story the author is not happy about. The publisher decides where and when the book is sold, how much it costs and the advertising for it.

Since they take the biggest risk, they also get a higher royalty cut. Most authors receive 10% or less in royalties. When I see authors who have multiple books published traditionally and still need a day job, that tells me being a traditionally published author is not the dream job most of us thought it was.

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Missing Information Regarding Vitamin D in “Fluid of Life”

A major problem we have in life is the inability to ask questions we don’t know to ask. I discuss this in my recent book, Fluid of Life – What doctors never told me about my blood.

As if to prove this point, a week after this book launched, material I was reading inspired me to ask a question. That question provided an answer that if I had thought about it, I would have guessed it. However, I never knew to ask, so I hadn’t thought about it.

The question was: Do chickens that get exposed to sunlight have more Vitamin D in their eggs than chickens raised in enclosed facilities?

I asked this question because Vitamin D is essential to our over-all health, and it plays a role in iron absorption. One of the foods said to contain Vitamin D naturally is eggs. According to a simple search online, 1 large raw egg has 41 IU of Vitamin D. Preparing it changes this slightly, but not a lot.

However, that’s not the full story. When I looked for answers to my question, I found various ones, but they all said the same thing: chickens exposed to sunlight produce eggs with higher Vitamin D.

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Book Launch: “Fluid of Life”

Today is launch day! Fluid of Life – What doctors never told me about my blood by Diana Tibert is now available.

If you’ve ever felt tired for no reason and are otherwise healthy, this book may unlock the mystery behind your lack of energy. It’s a quick read, packed with wisdom gained by suffering for almost 20 years from exhaustion that translated into irritability, depression and weight gain. If you want to change your life, you’ll love Diana Tibert’s insight to women’s health.

Fluid of Life is Diana’s journey to learn about anemia and how it affected her body. The book contains information on blood health every woman in mid-life needs. Diana shares the pieces of the puzzle that empowered her to regain control of her life, to disperse the fog and start living. These were key pieces not given during her many doctor visits.

In Fluid of Life, you’ll discover:

  • which blood tests accurately measure blood levels
  • which foods help and hinder the health of your blood
  • what you can do today to start feeling better
  • the symptoms of low iron
  • how to improve your health by monitoring iron levels, and much more

Get your copy today.

Available Formats

Paperback (ISBN: 978-1-927625-75-0; 72 pages; 8.5×5.5 inches) available at Amazon

eBook (ISBN: 978-1-927625-74-3; 16,703 words) available at Amazon

This title is available to Kindle Unlimited Members.

The Name that Can Soothe the Soul

The most famous name in the world is so obvious, so simple, that it is easily dismissed. As with everything in life, the more common, the least noticed.

The most famous name has been translated into every language that has existed on this planet since the beginning of time. It has caressed the lips of every human that has learned the skill of speaking.

To say this word in American Sign Language, place the thumb of your right hand on your chin with your hand open and your fingers spread.

Every day, this name is spoken by billions of people around the world. Although one can perform a Google search to reveal its popularity, the numbers (311,000,000 results) do not tell the whole story. Not everyone by this name is listed on the Internet, but everyone is related to someone with this name.

A recent survey concluded this name, above all others, created warm feelings when spoken. Even when we think about this name, it makes the majority of us feel good.

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Printable Formatted Sheets to Make Your Own Genealogy Workbook

At Quarter Castle Publishing, we understand not everyone fits into the same mould. We want to do our thing, too, just like everyone does. Our Genealogy Workbook by Diana Tibert is a great fit for many family researchers. It’s organised in a fashion to easily find the information you record. It’s small enough to fit in a purse or shoulder bag, so it can go everywhere.

However, we know researchers who want larger space and more than 120 pages. They want sheets to fill a binder and use subject dividers for each family line.

That’s why we created printable formatted sheets in the same style as in our Genealogy Workbook, except they’re 8.5 inches by 11 inches. Download the PDF and print as many as you like. Share them with friends and family. Create your own genealogy Workbook.

To learn more about Genealogy Workbook and to get the link for the printable pages, go to: Genealogy Workbook.

Happy researching.

Reviews for “The One We Forgot to Love”

Author Sandy Totten has received many reviews for her first novel, The One We Forgot to Love. She’d like to share a few that have been sent to her personally.

Kerry: I sat down tonight and read your book cover to cover. Such a powerful, relatable, insightful novel. So very well done. This is a must read, far and wide. Brilliant job!

Natalie: I couldn’t put it down. I was always an avid reader my whole life but this is the first book I’ve read in over 15 years. Life got too busy. I really enjoyed the book.

Tammy: I loved your book. I laughed, I cried; I felt every emotion under the sun. The different perspectives from each person in the family gave such insight to how we all handle and see/feel situations differently, and the lines at the end, “You can’t have the wonderful moments without the pain. We learn from the harder moments, don’t we? I learned I need to see the beauty in times of grief.” is perfect. Love, love, love your book.

Stephanie: I just finished it. I laughed, I cried, I got mad, I laughed and cried some more. What a beautiful story. It was so touching. You can feel the love they all have for each other. I felt in some ways I could relate to parts of the book not just as an adult and parent but also as a child growing up and as a wife just trying to get through. The emotion in the pages is so raw and so real. I can’t say enough good things.

Kendra: Your book was amazing.

Where to Buy the Book