Is Quarter Castle Publishing a Vanity Press?

Late this afternoon, I checked in on Twitter, and a follower left this tweet and tagged Quarter Castle Publishing:


I’m sorry that I followed you. I did not read your website and therefore did not discover that you were a fucking vanity publisher disguising it under the label joint publishing packages.

Writers get paid



Then, they added this:

I repeat. I am sorry that I followed you without realizing that you are a fucking vanity publisher dressing it up as shared publishing packages.

Check the website people.





My Response

I was going to ignore the rant, but after thinking about it, I responded with the following:

“I understand some will never accept self-publishing. That’s okay. We teach writers how to self-publish, and they go on to publish additional books on their own. We are here to support them and answer their questions even if a few years have passed.”


“Along w/ publishing books in the traditional fashion, we help writers self-publish their books. You do realize some writers want full control of their creation but don’t have the means to do it, right? A trad. pub. can’t allow that. We support these writers on their journey.”


I wasn’t interested in arguing or swapping nasty tweets with this person. However, I wanted others who came upon his tweet and visited our website to understand where Quarter Castle Publishing stands.

Who Am I?

I am Diana Tibert, the founder of Quarter Castle Publishing. I contract out certain aspects of the publishing process because at this stage, I cannot afford to hire someone permanently. I can do much of the work myself, but there are some things I can’t and sometimes I’m too busy or the project is too large. I have a friend who helps when things get busy. Most notably by responding to submissions and editing. I also have a gang of beta readers who provide input on projects.

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