COMING SOON: “House of Songs”

When Genge Toutant and his twin sister Ginger set off on a hike to Cape Split, they never dreamt only one of them would return. Little did they know, demons had set a trap to capture the life essence of unsuspecting victims.

House of Songs is a novella written by John D. Grant of Nova Scotia. It is scheduled for release near the end of October.

We are in the middle of designing a cover for House of Songs. Here are a few we’ve come up with. Which one grabs your attention? They are only mock-ups for now. So ignore any lines around the edges.

Top (left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4

Middle (left to right) 5, 6, 7

Bottom (left to right): 8, 9, 10, 11


Coming October 25th

We’ve signed a new author. His name is John D. Grant, not to be confused with non-fiction author John N. Grant. John D. Grant writes fantasy. We’ve accepted his novella. We’ll share more about the story soon.

Release Date: October 25, 2022

Excerpt: Shadows in the Stone by Diane Lynn McGyver

Chapter TwoShadows in the Stone - Diane Lynn McGyver

Alaura awoke to movement within the sheep stall. In the dim light she saw Isla staring in the direction of Aruam Castle. She turned and looked in the same direction as the child but found nothing unusual.

Isla slipped between the stall rails and entered the dwelling. Frequent wandering convinced Alaura the time to rescue the child had to be soon, before she went missing. She couldn’t keep the child safe if she strayed from the yard in her absence.

A crash inside the dwelling startled Alaura. The once-dark interior exploded with light, but she couldn’t see the source of the noise.

“Where is it?”

She heard a deep voice; it didn’t sound like Keiron Ruckle. After several loud bangs, another voice echoed on the night air.

“Maybe he already has it.”

“Darnacles!” The first voice growled.

“Maybe it’s outside.”

Alaura froze as a large human flung the back door open. Two more men followed him outside. All three brandished swords and wore chainmail armour over rugged clothing of The Trail. They searched the backyard.

“This’ll show Keiron how we deal with traitors!”

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