Introducing Bridget Canning

Bridget Canning of St. John’s, Newfoundland, is the author of Indonesian Rice, the story that came in third in Quarter Castle Publishing’s first short story writing contest.

Here’s a sample from the story.

From: Winters, Candice

Sent: March 1, 2013 1:11 PM

To: Pomeroy, Tina; Smith, Claudette; Tenor, Joan; Wells, Moira

Subject: Potluck Ladies Night

Hi all!

So, this weekend—I thought a potluck at my place might be nice for ladies only. No theme, just a get-together. I was thinking Friday at 7:30.

Please do NOT bring seafood or shellfish as I have an allergy. I have lots of wine: Chianti, Shiraz and Chardonnay.

My address is 75 Waterford Cove Avenue. White house, huge driveway. If you get to the recycling plant, you’ve gone too far.

Please let me know by Wednesday if you can make it. Hope to see everyone! Cheers!


The two main things Joan knew about Candice was she was educated about money—she was the senior accountant at work—and at some point in her life, she had lived in Italy for a year and a half. Candice told Italy stories during coffee breaks in the staff lounge: the food and sunshine and wine and fashion. “In order to live in Italy, you must drop any hang-ups you have with people being on time. You must stop expecting meals to be fast. You must not resent beautiful women. Food is pleasure and the Italians draw it out. The women are stunning. If these things frustrate you, you better get over it or get out.”

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