QCP’s First Short Story Contest Winners

Below are the winners of Quarter Castle Publishing’s first Short Story Contest. The deadline for submissions was September 31, 2014.

The prizes are as followed:

1st Place: $50

2nd Place: $40

3rd Place: $25

Also, the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners receive two (2) copies of the Quarter Castle Chronicles in which their story appears.

PLUS: Ten (10) additional stories that capture our interest will appear in the first Quarter Castle Chronicles. Each author will receive two (2) copies of the anthology in which their story appears.

First, second and third place winners will be interviewed by Quarter Castle Publishing and appear on its website.

…and now for the winners:

First Place: Working Title by Ashleigh Rajala of New Westminster, BC

Second Place: The Beggar’s Shoe Box by Bretton Loney of Halifax, NS

Third Place: Indonesian Rice Salad by Bridget Canning of St. John’s, NL

Congratulations to our three winners.

The following ten stories will also appear in Quarter Castle Chronicles. They are listed randomly.

  1. Baby on a Rock by Nellie P. Strowbridge
  2. Penmanship by A. C. Diamanti
  3. Bloodbath for a Bachata by Eva David of Toronto, ON
  4. Not With my Boots by Catherine A. MacKenzie of Fall River, NS
  5. The Disappearing Bus by Bretton Loney of Halifax, NS
  6. The Last Night by Manon Boudreau of Whitney, NB
  7. Never Another Winter by Phil Yeats of Halifax, NS
  8. Still Alive by Marion Iberg of Langley, BC
  9. Politics, Memories and Love
  10. The Ghosts of Swaffham Prior by Alex Birkbeck of Delta, BC


Thank you to everyone who submitted their short stories. Happy Writing.

Quarter Castle Publishing will contact the authors of the short stories appearing in the Quarter Castle Chronicles.


8 thoughts on “QCP’s First Short Story Contest Winners

  1.  Glad to be included.Nellie Strowbridge Ghost of the Southern CrossMaiden from the SeaCatherine SnowThe Newfoundland Tongue The Gift of ChristmasFar from HomeDancing on Ochre Sands Shadows of the HeartDoors Held Ajar (tri-author with Isabel Brown and Peggy Krachun) Widdershinsnelliestrowbridge.com@zyxpalmerlinkedin


  2. Honoured to have two stories chosen for the Quarter Castle Chronicles. Congratulations to fellow writers chosen and to all who had the courage to submit their work. I look forward to working with Quarter Castle Publishing and to meeting my fellow writers.


    • Congratulations, Bretton. And thank you for entering our first short story contest.

      It does take a lot of courage to share your work. Bravo to everyone.

      Quarter Castle Publishing has already started to contact the authors of the short stories to be included in the Quarter Castle Chronicles. If you haven’t heard from us yet, you will in the coming weeks.


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