eBooks Priced for Canadian Dollar

QCP Emblem 02Today, the Canadian dollar is worth only 70 cents compared to the US dollar. Last week, it was down to 61 cents. At Quarter Castle Publishing, we understand this puts a strain on readers in Canada when they must pay $5.62 for a $3.99 eBook.

Shadows in the Stone - Diane Lynn McGyverIt also means that on one day, the price may be $5.62 and on another, it might be $4.93 as it fluctuates with the rise and fall of our dollar.

Although we can’t do much to adjust prices for paperback copies or our eBooks sold in different stores, we do have a say in what readers pay when purchasing an eBook from Amazon.ca.

We have reset the Canadian prices to match the prices we set for our books. This means full-length novels such as Shadows in the Stone costs $3.99 for Canadians. Novellas such as Fowl Summer Nights are $2.99 and short stories such as Gardening For Her Life are $0.99.

Happy Reading, Canada.


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