Story Behind Throw Away Kitten

We asked Candy McMudd what inspired her to write her children’s novel Throw Away Kitten. Here’s what she had to say.

Throw Away Kitten Candy McMudd children bookI live in the country, but I never knew how many pet owners did the unthinkable: abandon boxes of kittens, puppies and kits (short for kittens, which is what baby rabbits are called) on the side of rural roads. That is, I didn’t know until I found a ‘lost’ kitten that had probably been dumped by its owner and told a friend about it.

She was surprised it was my first one. She’s had many boxes of baby animals dropped off near her driveway over the years. She said, “We own a farm. People think we want them. They think we can easily take care of them.”

A farm always has a few barn cats, but they don’t need more. They certainly don’t need boxes of rabbits and puppies.

If I didn’t know this was happening and I lived in the country, I was certain many others didn’t know either, so Throw Away Kitten was born. It can be read to young children and read by children with a grade one reading level. It has a happy ending, and I hope it inspires children to take responsibility for their pets, so generations to come will not abandon these animals on roadsides.


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