Blade of Truth eBook Free for 3 Days

Blade of Truth by Diane Lynn McGyverThat’s right. The short story Blade of Truth by Diane Lynn McGyver is available for download for free for February 4th, 5th and 6th. Get your copy today and help celebrate February the Fantasy Month.

Blade of Truth: Tale 02

Staring Bronwyn Darrow, age 18

Innocence is shattered when a young man falls victim to a horrible prank.

Youth and innocence still reside in Bronwyn Darrow. When he attends a celebration with the girl he admires most, he’s elated but extremely nervous. He hopes the night will be one they’ll never forget. Instead, he should have hoped for one easily forgotten.


2 thoughts on “Blade of Truth eBook Free for 3 Days

  1. Dear Quarter Castle, I wish you were my publisher and distributor.  I chose Authorhouse and was disappointed. Belle Maynard Curd as seen on Google and author of FINDING MY FAMILY as seen on Amazon. 


    • Hello Belle, I’m sorry to hear your experience with your publisher was unsatisfying. I looked you up on Google. Impressive. I hope things turn around for you. I wish you great success with your book and future projects.


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