Call for Submissions: The Tantalizing Tattler

Quarter Castle Publishing is making a Call for Submissions for short stories laced with romance for its first issue of The Tantalizing Tattler.

The Tantalizing Tattler is a new publication meant to revive the clean-telling of stories laced with romance. It was inspired by magazines of the past, ones girls as young as 14 had sneaked away from their mother’s nightstand and hid in closets to read. While these stories were about adults in adult situations, they were void of descriptions of bedroom activities and harsh language. At their essence, they told a good story. That’s what The Tantalizing Tattler aims to do.

The Tantalizing TattlerThe stories contained within The Tantalizing Tattler aims to capture the innocence of love, the hard truths about it, too. They will be about love found and sometimes about love lost. Each one will contain a ray of hope for what might be.

Submissions are open to citizens of Canada and the United States. First-time authors and seasoned veterans are welcome to submit their short stories.

There’s no set deadline for submissions. It will be ongoing as stories are collected for the current and future issues.

To learn more about this call for submissions, visit The Tantalizing Tattler page.


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