The Connection Between Women and Horses

“When I looked back to shows I watched in the 80s to conjure up a similar show the main character in Northern Survival had starred in,” said Diane McGyver, “I thought of Young Riders. I had watched every episode and dreamt many times I was one of those riders delivering the mail in the wild west.”

This hour show was on television from September 1989 to July 1992.

“I was horse crazy long before Young Riders,” said McGyver. “It’s a girl thing. I’m led to believe there is a special connection between women and horses.

“My daughter has that connection, too. Where she took lessons at more than ten years ago, every student was female. The coach tried to persuade my son to take lessons and even threw him on the back of a couple of horses. But it didn’t happen. My sons are not riders.”

McGyver used inspiration from Young Riders and her love of horses to write the following that appears in Northern Survival. These are Olive’s thoughts.

Countless times she’d daydreamt of running away with that handsome boy, mounting a horse and riding into the sunset where adventure and romance waited. He was the reason she took riding lessons when she was 19. It put her that much closer to her dreams.

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2 thoughts on “The Connection Between Women and Horses

  1. I realised that there was a connection many years ago when my daughter was a teenager and she still rides a horse on a regular basis. She owned three horses over the years when she was at school and university and was a member of Delta riding club. At least eighty percent of the club members were female. It’s weird how the horse which is the animal that conquered the world with men on their backs are kept alive by ladies. Alex. ________________________________


    • I agree. It is interesting. I’ve been to many horse shows, and 95% of the participants are female. I know a few males who ride, but it’s a different relationship with the horse. The saying “Dogs are a man’s best friend” is equal to “Horses are a woman’s best friend”.


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