Print Local – Buy Local – Support Local

Last year was extremely difficult for small businesses. Many were forced by government orders to shut their doors temporarily, and this caused many to shut them permanently. Those surviving into 2021 need our help more than ever. It’s vital we support local businesses that in turn support our communities and our country.

Supporting local means buying from small businesses in your community, the ones just down the street. It means buying products and services from your province and when you can’t find what you need that close to home, buy within your country.

In the big picture, if what you’re looking for is not in Canada, look to the rest of North America.

Quarter Castle Publishing has always supported Canadian businesses. We buy office supplies from local shops, and our books are printed in Canada. The only exception is when readers buy from Amazon. Then Americans are supporting their printers because the books are printed in the USA.

Quarter Castle Publishing will never ship our printing business overseas, and we certainly won’t do business with communist countries. We do NOT support communist regimes in any way, that includes financially.

The next time you consider buying a book, first ask, “Where was this book printed?” If the book was printed by a country governed by a communist regime, put it back on the shelf and buy another, one printed in Canada or the USA. If you don’t live in one of these countries, buy one printed in your country.

This year, it is vital we support local. It’s no longer just a gimmick; it’s a necessity.

Let’s keep our money as close to home as possible. Look for Printed in Canada and Made in Canada.


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