We Design Books for Self-published Authors

Not everyone wants their book published traditionally. While there are many benefits to having a book published the traditional way by a publishing house with everything taken care of for the author, there are drawbacks.

What are those drawbacks? The author doesn’t decide on the cover design. They might not even get the title they want. The publisher may suggest or demand changes to the story the author is not happy about. The publisher decides where and when the book is sold, how much it costs and the advertising for it.

Since they take the biggest risk, they also get a higher royalty cut. Most authors receive 10% or less in royalties. When I see authors who have multiple books published traditionally and still need a day job, that tells me being a traditionally published author is not the dream job most of us thought it was.

On top of that, traditional publishers have a long wait time. When a book is accepted, it may not be published for two to three years. On the other hand, a self-published author doing their due diligence can take a first draft to published book in two months.

So where does this leave writers who want full control over publishing their books but cannot design a cover or design the interior? Some take it upon themselves to learn and do an excellent job because they have talent to design. However, some don’t have this talent, and their poorly crafted covers reveal their lack of skill. Everyone judges a book by the cover, and when ugly covers grace a book, readers automatically think what’s inside is equally horrible.

It doesn’t have to be that way. We can create the cover for you. We also format the interior for paperbacks, hardcovers and eBooks. We also edit manuscripts, and if you want someone to walk you through the self-publishing process for the first time so you can repeat it in the future, we do that, too.

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The freedom to publish our books exactly how we envision them and have full control over their destiny is something a traditional publisher can’t offer.

We all have a book inside us. What does yours look like?