Free Short Story Read

FREE readsQuarter Castle Publishing is offering free downloads of the short story Mutated Blood Lines by Diane Lynn McGyver.

Free downloads are for Kindle only. Although only links to and are provided, this book is also available in other countries.

Mutated Blood Lines: Self-reliant Autumn survived the floodwaters of the Atlantic Ocean when they threatened to consume Nova Scotia and its inhabitants in late 2012, but she hadn’t done it alone. Her brother Graham, an employee of the new government system, insisted she abandon the island and return with him to New Canada. She refused. While she swears she is safe, he is convinced he knows best and will stop at nothing to have his way.

Mutated Blood Lines ( and

  • December 17 to 18
  • December 25

If you can’t read the story at this time, download for reading later. Happy reading.


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