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FREE readsDiane Lynn McGyver is the author of the Castle Keepers Series. The series includes full-length fantasy novels as well as short stories containing the same characters. McGyver writes traditional fantasy stories with sword, sorcery and magic.

The first two short stories in the Castle Keepers Tales are currently free to download from Smashwords in several formats, including Kindle, epub and PDF.


McGyver-SS-Destiny Governed their LivesDestiny Governed their Lives

Catriona Wheatcroft is a young, ambitious girl living in Maskil. Although she’s been told she’s not ready to cast complicated spells, she’s determined to get her hands on a magical scroll. When the perfect opportunity arrives, Catriona grabs it. Will she succeed and prove everyone wrong, or will she take on more magic than she can control and bring tragedy to her life?

Destiny Governed their Lives is the first short story in the Castle Keepers Tales. The pivotal events detailed within these stories provide insight to the characters who appear in The Castle Keeper fantasy novel series.

DLMcGyver-Blade of Truth-CoverBlade of Truth

Bronwyn Darrow is a young dwarf eager to celebrate the end of his educational years and to embark on his future trade. He would love to ask the girl of his dreams to the celebrations, but he’s too shy. The morning of the big day he’s surprised when she asks him. Is this his dream date or his worst nightmare?

To get your free eBook copy of Shadows in the Stone, go to its Smashword page, click BUY, then CHECKOUT. Once in the checkout screen, enter the Coupon Code: WM57W

Shadows in the Stone - Diane Lynn McGyverThe code expires December 31, 2015, so you have eight days to cash it in.

While you’re in the fantasy-reading mood, check out McGyver’s blog. Twice a week, she’s posting 300-word vignettes that capture a moment in the life of one of the characters who appear either in Shadows in the Stone or Scattered Stones. The vignettes take place in a time between the two novels.

A new vignette is posted each Monday and Thursday.

The next full-length novel in the series, Scattered Stones, will be released May 6, 2016.


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