Call for Submissions: Traditional Fantasy

Call for SubmissionsQuarter Castle Publishing is making a call for submissions.

We are looking for a great traditional fantasy novel-length story to add to our line-up. Do you have a little magic tucked between your pages or fantastical creatures who need to be set free? Let us know.

Submissions will be accepted until the perfect story is found.

Here are the basic guidelines.

  • The author must live in Nova Scotia.
  • The manuscript can be no more than 120,000 words.
  • The story must follow the traditional fantasy genre. Urban fantasy, space fantasy or horror (vampires, zombies) will NOT be considered. To learn more about what Quarter Castle Publishing considers traditional fantasy, stay tuned. We’ll post the details in the coming days.
  • The story must be character driven. In other words, make us fall in love (or in hate) with them.

The story can NOT contain explicit sex or violence. One or two sex scenes are permitted, but they must occur naturally. Of course there’s going to be violence, but it can’t be graphic, torturous or created just for violence to be included. Just like sex, the violence must have a purpose and occur naturally.

Keep in mind: Quarter Castle Publishing does NOT publish stories containing pornography, erotica, underage sex or graphic violence.

The submission guidelines will appear on the Submissions page in the next day or two.


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