Scattered Stones Chapter 01

The second book in The Castle Keepers series Scattered Stones launches in May 2016. Here’s a sneak peek.

McGyver-ScatteredStonesFRONTBronwyn Darrow is desperate to rescue his daughter Isla from Blackvale Castle. For five long years, he’s travelled Ath-o’Lea searching for her, but the formidable castle remains elusive. He’s surrendered his coveted sergeant’s position at Aruam Castle, but he’s willing to sacrifice everything to bring Isla home, even his honour. If he fails, his innocent little girl will face a lifetime of slavery.

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Call for Submissions: Traditional Fantasy

Call for SubmissionsQuarter Castle Publishing is making a call for submissions.

We are looking for a great traditional fantasy novel-length story to add to our line-up. Do you have a little magic tucked between your pages or fantastical creatures who need to be set free? Let us know.

Submissions will be accepted until the perfect story is found.

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