Book Launch: Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892 – 1893

David, of Little White Schoolhouse Press, writes,

We are delighted to have our Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary book launch hosted by the library, the very building where Mary attended the Provincial Normal School. Mary’s diary is in our museum collection, and we are so grateful to two of our Board members, Melanie Ballard and John Grant, who have spent countless hours editing and preparing the manuscript for publication to bring Mary’s diary to life so it can reach a larger audience.

Details of Book Launch

  • Where: Colchester-East Hants Public Library, 754 Prince Street, Truro, Nova Scotia
  • Date: November 23, 2021
  • Time: 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Space is Limited – Registration is a MUST

If you wish to attend, call 902-895-4183 or email to register.

Learn More

To learn more about the Little White Schoolhouse and the book launch, visit their website (Little White Schoolhouse) or contact them by calling or sending a message.

Learn more about the library by visiting Colchester-East Hants Public Library.

David adds,

This evening’s “school class” features Mary Kaulbach of Conquerall, Lunenburg County, NS. Mary was a student at Truro’s Provincial Normal School in 1892-1893. Her diary tells the story of life in Victorian Truro and as a Normal School student. There will be a presentation of, and readings from, her diary with copies of the book available for $20, with all proceeds going to the Little White Schoolhouse Museum.

If you are not able to attend but would like a copy of the book, they are available at The South Shore Genealogical Society in Lunenburg (Old Lunenburg Academy), and at the Schoolhouse Museum.

Learn more about this book by visiting its page on Quarter Castle Publishing: Mary Kaulbach’s Normal School Diary 1892 – 1893.


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