The Name that Can Soothe the Soul

The most famous name in the world is so obvious, so simple, that it is easily dismissed. As with everything in life, the more common, the least noticed.

The most famous name has been translated into every language that has existed on this planet since the beginning of time. It has caressed the lips of every human that has learned the skill of speaking.

To say this word in American Sign Language, place the thumb of your right hand on your chin with your hand open and your fingers spread.

Every day, this name is spoken by billions of people around the world. Although one can perform a Google search to reveal its popularity, the numbers (311,000,000 results) do not tell the whole story. Not everyone by this name is listed on the Internet, but everyone is related to someone with this name.

A recent survey concluded this name, above all others, created warm feelings when spoken. Even when we think about this name, it makes the majority of us feel good.

Some may argue this name is not a name, but I believe it is. It is a name a person is known by in their family and in their community. It is no less a name than John, Mary, Elizabeth and William.

Evidence of its popularity is found in the number of nicknames associated with it. There is no need to list these nicknames – you already know many of them.

Over the centuries, there have been songs, poems, stories, books and movies with this name in the title. More often than not, it is the first name ever spoken in life and many times, it is the last. It is said that a young soldier dying on the battlefield often cries out this name.

All of us have spoken this name at one time or another and in one way or another. Sometimes we shout it, while other times, we speak it softly. Some of us have spoken this name a million times. Long after the person with this name passes on, we continue to say the name and reminisce.

This name means many things to many people but without question, it bridges all boarders, all races, all religions, all languages and all cultures.

The most popular name in the world is Mother.

Written by Diana Tibert, author of Fluid of Life.