We Design Books for Self-published Authors

Not everyone wants their book published traditionally. While there are many benefits to having a book published the traditional way by a publishing house with everything taken care of for the author, there are drawbacks.

What are those drawbacks? The author doesn’t decide on the cover design. They might not even get the title they want. The publisher may suggest or demand changes to the story the author is not happy about. The publisher decides where and when the book is sold, how much it costs and the advertising for it.

Since they take the biggest risk, they also get a higher royalty cut. Most authors receive 10% or less in royalties. When I see authors who have multiple books published traditionally and still need a day job, that tells me being a traditionally published author is not the dream job most of us thought it was.

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“Passing It On before Passing Away” by H. L. Foster

Quarter Castle Publishing has helped many writers see their dream of publishing a book come true. One of those writers is H. L. Foster, who wrote Passing It On before Passing On. The New Brunswick-born writer, who currently makes her home in British Columbia, published her Insights on Healing from Interpersonal Trauma and Addictions in 2018.

“Foster’s ability to tell her story of discovery and healing and share it with readers is matched with her ability to understand how the mind works to enable healing. It gets readers thinking about themselves and what they can do to improve their circumstances in life.” From Diana Tibert’s review

Amazon Reviews

The reviews on Amazon echo Tibert’s sentiment.

“Lori’s insights are helpful for individuals struggling with recovery from trauma and addictions, for therapists, para-professionals and family members affected by a loved one’s addiction. Most importantly it is accessible and understandable for individuals without a background in psychology.”

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Quarter Castle Publishing Services

Over the past 11 years, Quarter Castle Publishing has met many writers working towards publishing their first book. These future authors were at various stages from first draft to finalizing the proof. While the journey is a solo one, writers on the path to publishing recruit individuals to help them create the best book possible. These individuals include editors, cover designers, interior designers and marketers.

Artistic and creative writers also take on some of these tasks, and we applaud them for it. However, not everyone has an eye for design and not everyone can work their way around computer programs. Some want to only write the book and co-ordinate the rest of the process, hiring people to do everything else.

That’s where Quarter Castle Publishing comes in. We are opening our doors to help writers see their dream of publishing a book come true. We pride ourselves in our book covers and interior design. After years of working with authors, we’re ready to offer our services to those looking for a personal touch.

We believe a book is a work of art, and we strive to produce beautiful works of art with every release.

To learn more about hiring Quarter Castle Publishing to design book covers and interiors, visit our Services page.