Do readers care if you’re traditionally or independently published?

The debate rages on. Which is better? Being published by a traditional company or publishing your own work?

Your answer will depend on where you are in your publishing career.

Many times, travellers on one route are looking down at the other, but there’s no reason for this. We’re all in this together, and one path is right for some while the other trail is right for others.

Unfortunately, mud-slinging has become a popular sport these days between publishers (large and independent) and between authors (both traditionally published and self-published).

What publishers and authors need to know is readers don’t care about publishing companies; most readers can’t tell you the name of the company which published their favourite books let alone which one published the last book they read. Readers only care that the story is good…that’s it…bottom line.

The argument of which type of publishing company produces better work—independent or traditional—is meaningless to readers…and readers are the most important piece in this puzzle.

Do you remember the publishing company of your favourite books? How about the book you’re reading now (no peeking)?

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Quarter Castle Publishing Services

Over the past 11 years, Quarter Castle Publishing has met many writers working towards publishing their first book. These future authors were at various stages from first draft to finalizing the proof. While the journey is a solo one, writers on the path to publishing recruit individuals to help them create the best book possible. These individuals include editors, cover designers, interior designers and marketers.

Artistic and creative writers also take on some of these tasks, and we applaud them for it. However, not everyone has an eye for design and not everyone can work their way around computer programs. Some want to only write the book and co-ordinate the rest of the process, hiring people to do everything else.

That’s where Quarter Castle Publishing comes in. We are opening our doors to help writers see their dream of publishing a book come true. We pride ourselves in our book covers and interior design. After years of working with authors, we’re ready to offer our services to those looking for a personal touch.

We believe a book is a work of art, and we strive to produce beautiful works of art with every release.

To learn more about hiring Quarter Castle Publishing to design book covers and interiors, visit our Services page.