“Passing It On before Passing Away” by H. L. Foster

Quarter Castle Publishing has helped many writers see their dream of publishing a book come true. One of those writers is H. L. Foster, who wrote Passing It On before Passing On. The New Brunswick-born writer, who currently makes her home in British Columbia, published her Insights on Healing from Interpersonal Trauma and Addictions in 2018.

“Foster’s ability to tell her story of discovery and healing and share it with readers is matched with her ability to understand how the mind works to enable healing. It gets readers thinking about themselves and what they can do to improve their circumstances in life.” From Diana Tibert’s review

Amazon Reviews

The reviews on Amazon echo Tibert’s sentiment.

“Lori’s insights are helpful for individuals struggling with recovery from trauma and addictions, for therapists, para-professionals and family members affected by a loved one’s addiction. Most importantly it is accessible and understandable for individuals without a background in psychology.”

“Lori’s book is a meaningful read, and I admire her candor and courage in sharing the details of her journey. This book offers inspiration and insights for anyone on their own path to healing, as well as to those wishing to continually learn and better themselves.”

“This woman went through alot and never gave up. It’s an inspiring book to read! Thank you for passing it on!!!”

Quarter Castle Publishing provided Ms. Foster the assistance needed for her to self-publish her book. We also edited the text and created the cover specifically to how she envisioned it.

Where can I buy Passing It On before Passing Away?

This book is available at Amazon:

Amazon Canada

Amazon United States


A retired professional counsellor shares her progression into obsession and dependency on substances and relationships. Anxiety, depression, and a cancer diagnosis appear as she loses connection with herSelf. When she bottoms with alcoholism at age 44, she begins to shed reliance on long-held concepts while rebuilding a tenuous relationship with her intuition and imagination. Inklings from within and chance encounters help her regain connection with a trustworthy Centre through which Life is continuously creating.

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