Shadows in the Stone –  The Castle Keepers, Book 1 by Diane Lynn McGyver

Scattered Stones – The Castle Keepers, Book 2 by Diane Lynn McGyver

Revelation Stones – Castle Keepers, Book #03 by Diane Lynn McGyver

Healing Stones – Castle Keepers series, Book 4 by Diane Lynn McGyver

Beyond the Myst – Mystical Series, Book 1 by Diane Lynn McGyver


Pockets of Wildflowers by Diane Lynn McGyver (novella)

Twistmas – The Season for Love by Diane Lynn McGyver


Fowl Summer Nights by Diane Lynn McGyver (novella)


Nova Scotia – Life Near Water by Diane Lynn McGyver

Quarter Castle Chronicles – Volume One by 12 Canadian Authors

The Coldest December – 100th Anniversary Halifax Explosion Short Story Collection by Nova Scotia Authors


Boys Ride, Too by Sam Lynn Smith

Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove by Candy McMudd (novel)

Throw Away Kitten by Candy McMudd (novel)

Short Story

Gardening for Her Life by Liana Olive Quinn

Castle Keepers Tale series

Destiny Governed their Destiny by Diane Lynn McGyver

Blade of Truth by Diane Lynn McGyver

The Pledge by Diane Lynn McGyver


Words on a Writer’s Life by Diana Tibert (Fall 2018)

Draft to Book in 30 Days by Diana Tibert (Fall 2018)

Not Enough Blood by Diana Tibert (Summer 2018)

…stay tuned for more wonderful titles by Quarter Castle Publishing.

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